My First Dance, pre-schoolers

For moms/dads/guardians and their toddlers in the age of 2 or 3 years. Playfully learning your moves together and a good way to develop sense of rhythm and coordination. It also helps to strengthen the bond between each other and is just super fun.

  • My First Dance
    Here toddler and one parent dance together in a workshop of 8 lessons that starts in October and February.

  • My First Dance Alone
    From 3 years old, the toddler dances without a parent, throughout the season.

Dress code: comfortable clothes and parents can wear socks.

The workshop of 8 classes each; start in October and in February. Take notice: Unlike regular classes there are no trial lessons possible for a workshop and there’s a class on the first Saturday of the autumn and spring break.
At the end of a workshop, the children receive their first dance certificate. At the end of the season when possible they can be asked to participate in a big show.
After the February workshop, your child can be selected to take part in the performance. After your permission you will receive an information letter and follow a few lessons to study something. You can pay for this separately.