Wedding Dance

The perfect first dance at your wedding

: Are you getting married and do you want an unforgettable way to open the dance floor with your first dance? Especially for prospective brides and grooms we create the opening dance and we rehearse it with you in any style. Dance experience is not required. It may be a classic, traditional opening or a playful , modern style you wish for.

The rates are discussed on the basis of the needs and number of repetitions.
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“We did not feel embarrassed or nervous at all, it was fantastic and there was a relaxed atmosphere. We are very happy that we have taken the lessons with you and the result was fantastic. Especially in our beautiful outfits, the steps were very nice. Thank you so much for your help and great cooperation !! A day later my mother told me that she was watching the video from our dance and tears streamed down her cheeks. So special…”
Nathalie & Jason – More than words

“Thank you very much for the dance lessons, the dance was very well received. We send the video with the end result.”
Julia & Jacco – Shut up and dance

“Barbara: Surprisingly fun to do this, especially when you don’t dance. Alreza: Now I like it. The 1st time I was sooooo nervous. Then it was really nice.”
Barbara & Alreza – When I’m 64

“Super fun to do this together, never done this before, it was better than we had expected and easier than you think.”
Joëlle & Ronald – Glad you came

“We didn’t expect that we would have so much fun together and that it would look so nice for people who are a-rhythmic. It was a lot of fun and funny to do this together.”
Inez & Alex – Never let you go

“Lianne: it was so well explained that it was easy to remember and you worked very well on the details at the same time. Clint: I really did not want this and thought: “we will never make it”. It seemed very difficult to me but when I saw what we already did after the first lesson.”
Lianne & Clint – Mix

“It feels so comfortable that we can just do it! The dance was really tailor-made and very authentic without you knowing us upfront but you can observe so very well and also gave us the space to let us do our own thing”
Marianne & Jop – Footloose

“Every single tip you gave us was useful!”.
F & C

“Excellent tuition in a kind and welcoming atmosphere. Easy to learn routine and exactly what had hoped for. Thank you so much”.
Ashleigh & Alex

“We nailed him! Big time! We hebben nog nooit zo goed gedanst. Wat een feest. Dak ging eraf. Bedankt!! Om nooit meer te vergeten. Zonder jou was het toch anders geweest”.
Hedwig & Eelco – Footloose

“Thank you for this special experience”
Luisa & Simon – Fly me to the moon

“We couldn’t have figured it out like this without you! We would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for dance lessons.
We’ll continue to practice and we are having a lot of fun with it.
Thanks again for your help”.
Shannon & Eric – I belong to you

“Deze voorpret was alleen al een feest, heel erg bedankt voor dit avontuur”
Gabrielle & Hans – Zucchero – Buone Ragioni

Vioricca: “So happy that we took the decision to come to you, you’re so nice”
Sander: “Niet gedacht dat ik het zo leuk zou vinden”.
Vioricca & Sander – Strangers in the night / Can’t stop the feeling

“It was a true pleasure, very relaxed and learning was made a fun journey all the way along. Very recommendable”
Thomas (preferes to be anonymous) – Swing dance