Course conditions

Pupils/students can only register by means of a fully completed and signed registration form. There is no registration fee to be paid.
In case of a trial lesson; Registration takes place within a week after the trial. Change of name and/or address/email/telephone number must be reported to the administration.
On the rates for classes and courses for adults (21 years) 21% VAT is included. The lessons for new students start in the first week of September. Registration on a later date is also possible.
Registration is always for the whole season at weekly classes. Exceptions are the 10-successor-lessons for students from the age of 16 and the My First Dance or Ballet course of 8 lessons.
When registering after the start of the season, the registration is set for the remaining part of it. The season starts in September and ends in June.
In case of a premature leave or not attending the lessons, no refund of tuition will be awarded. This also applies to unforeseen circumstances.
The person who exercises parental authority or guardianship does the registration of underage students. Forms of students from 18 to 21 years have to be signed by themselves and by (one of the) parents/guardians. Parents/guardians of students under 21 years are thereby legally obliged to pay.

The tuition must be paid in advance, so for a new season this means in the first week of August.
Payment is done via the account number of Dance Academy in the Hague. Shorter courses should always be paid no later than one week before the start of the course (10-lessons for 16 + and My First Dance/Ballet). In case of a late payment, an administration fee of € 3.50 per week will be charged.
The first (trial) lesson is free of charge a can only be attended once.
If payment is not received in the appropriate time, the student will be denied access to the lesson but the obligation of payment still stands When the payment is received the lessons may be resumed.
Missed classes will not be rescheduled or compensated.

In case of illness or absence, please use the digital form on our website.

Registration applies for at least one season and is automatically renewed for the following season. Each season the student is monitored so one can remain in the same class or advancing to a higher class, to the selection class or training.
If no more lessons will be attended, unsubscribe requests addressed to (the Executive Board of) the school, are accepted; written, by email, at least one week before the end of the season. When a cancelation is not in time or not sent at all, tuition over the next season will be charged.

If due to illness or unavailability of the teacher a lesson is cancelled, the student will be notified as soon as possible. By prolonged illness of the teacher a replacement is appointed.
In case a class is cancelled because of the fore mentioned reasons, the aim is to reschedule the class. If this is not possible for any reason, a maximum of two classes per school year will not be rescheduled or otherwise compensated.
If in the regular dance courses, three or more lessons are likely to be cancelled, then a replacement is appointed.
Lessons that coincide with holidays are not compensated.
In the event of cancelation of one or more classes, of courses for which an exact number of lessons is set, the end date be moved in such a way, that the full program can be run by the assigned teacher.
In case of a prolonged illness of the teacher a replacement is appointed.
Lessons cancelled by the students, are not to be rescheduled.

The student will be present 15 min. before the start of the lesson.
Parents ensure that the (smaller) children arrived already changed, or dress them into uniform and let them use the bathroom before class starts. Participation in the dance classes is at the own risk of the pupil/parent/caregiver. When a child of 3½ years is registered for a
class of 4-year-olds, this is at the own risk of the parent / caregiver.
Management cannot be held liable for injuries.
It is recommended that in case of physical weaknesses and/ or injuries, management is informed, before the start of the lesson, in writing. Management cannot be held responsible for theft, substitution or misappropriation of property. Do not take valuables, stuff/bags on to the dance floor. At registration, participants/parents/guardians give their permission to use any photos/videos of lessons, public performances or activities, for example through various (social) media. If this is not desired it can be reported to the management. This will, of course, be respected. Without prior authorization, no spectators are allowed during the lessons.

Parents/guardians may watch the last 15 minutes at the first, and only, trial lesson.

If possible once year, a performance scheduled. When a pupil is absent in the run-up to this special day, it can be very inconvenient for the members of the group and the teacher (concerning the choreography, the costumes fitting and the organization). Therefore it is better that no mo lessons are missed in April and May. In case of a prolonged absence during the rehearsal period the management can decide that a pupil can no longer participate in the show.
All communications on this subject such as costumes, rehearsals will be announced in good time, times etc.
We will ask a financial contribution for the costumes and/or ask to bring in items if necessary.
The tickets to attend the show will be sold in DDH.

The lessons should be attended in appropriate sports/dance clothing and no footwear that is worn outside.
Only for the classical lessons, selection class and the training; hairstyle and dress codes are issued

do not use chewing gum
do not wear jewelry/piercings and wear the hair out of your face.
Water can only be brought in a leak-proof bottle.
do not leave the dance floor during class.
mobile phones should be on silent mode
because of the historic architecture and privacy: no picture taking and/or filming is allowed without permission. No filming/shooting pictures of other pupils without permission as well.

Management is allowed to make changes in the aforementioned conditions