The subsidy “Kinderen doen mee”
The DDH brings to your attention to the subsidy “Kinderen doen mee” Children who are in possession of a Ooievaarspas can spend an extra amount (discounts besides Ooievaarspas) on creative and sporting institutions. More information on this subject can be found on the municipality of The Hague Website:

Ooievaarspas must be scanned by appointment. Contact us for more information.
In advance we will make known our agreements with the municipality on the Ooievaarspas.
Workshops such as “My First Dance” can not be used witj the Ooievaarspas.

Foundation Leergeld

Some students may qualify for a contribution of Leergeld. For instance the Foundation for the purchase of dance clothing / footwear. More information on the Foundation Leergeld website Dance Academy Hague will cooperate with all relevant discount schemes.

starters Discount

Starters new students Discount 25% on registration and payment before Sept. 1.
This does not apply to 10-strip tickets and to My First Dance (Alone).
student discount Discount for students with registration and payment before 1 September. 25%